Our company is currently managing a chain of a dialysis centre in urban and rural regions, to help the people who don't have access to proper health care. We also have sale and AMC of medical pieces of equipment to boost the better well-being of people and helping us in the growth of our business.

Our companies main motto is to provide essential health care services and medical appliances to everyone. We provide dialysis service to our dialysis clients. Currently, we have teamed up with 14 hospitals on board across India. In today's world, everyone wants service at their doorstep; then why not health care, we as a company want to venture mobile dialysis at the door so that it can be accessible to everyone.

Why Adya Life

ADYA Life Care can cover maximum client and provide services to their home, Also can save cost to build extra dialysis centres .

  • Online Appointment. Fogetabout Physical presence .
  • Once you are registered with us, you llreceive reminders
  • You can consult at your home with our dialysis Doctor & Team
  • You don’t need to give extra time to get service at night as well
  • No need to attended waste there time and visit with patient to hospital
  • As we have physical center and tieuphospitals, Our staff is more trustworthy

Meet Our Doctors

  • Outpatient surgery

        Dr. Anil Gupta

       Dr.Tapas Ranjan Behera
  • Pediatric

        Dr. (Major) Santosh Kumar Behera

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