photodune-3832683-female-assistant-with-dentist-working-in-the-background-sCommunity Welfare Society (CWS) working for the development of economically, socially and educationally poor sections of the society through participatory activities around in 84 slums Rourkela since 1976 . Adya Lifecare with CWS Organization always ensured that the beneficiaries took active interest and played crucial role in carrying forward the programmes of the organization. Adya Lifecare with CWS Organization Rourkela working with people living in the nearby slums over a period of two and a half decades. To get quality healthcare facility in Mainstream hospital of the city we in Community Welfare Society realised with great pain how difficult it is for the poor.
Hence CWS began to reflect over the possibility of building a 10-15 bedded Hospital and started a fund raising drive in 1990s. An application was made for a two – acre area from RSP. In the meantime CWS developed a close relationship with Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) of Germany, a famous financial Institution, which lends long term loans to industrial houses .

They realizing the usefulness of the project took great and decided to fund it partially. KfW provided a substantial portion of funds for the project through ICICI, Mumbai. Simultaneously successful fund raising campaigns were run by CWS for raising funds from diverse sources. Once flow of funds for the project was in progress, a contract with IIMHR, Jaipur was made to make a feasibility study for constructing the much cherished hospital. .

After the completion of the feasibility study, CWS We approached ACME group of architects from Calcutta. A blue print was prepared for 100 bedded hospital for a beginning. The idea was to upgrade it to a 300 bedded hospital in future. They prepared a professionally designed, aesthetically rich, ergonomically premeditated plan for the hospital.

The CWS Hospital has unique Layout and is built in a well spread out area. It is properly spaced both inside and outside. It has been designed to provide desired ventilation, illumination, and good greenery all around for creating clean, green & serene atmosphere.The Hospital made a modest beginning with a team of qualified, experienced, doctor specialists and paramedical staff in 2002. Twelve years of hospital’s life witnessed continuous growth & development characterised by addition of greater facilities and updating of bio-medical equipments. Now CWS can rightly claim to be a well-equipped general hospital.

All the above mentioned facilities are of no use if the hospital is not manned by men and women of great commitment. CWS Hospital is specially blessed with great resources in this regard.

The hospital is built here in Rourkela to provide quality patient care. In this venture every person involved is important. In CWS Hospital every employ realises his/her role in serving the sick and suffering. This encouraging factor about employees makes CWS hospital ‘a hospital with a difference.’

CWS hospital commenced with fifty beds, added a thirty more in 2005. And then it was increased to ninety in 2008. In the decadal year of the hospital the number of beds in CWS Hospital was increased to 120. Similar manner of growth is visible in technical front too.
Addition of Phaco- emulsification machine different auto-analysers bio-chemistry, Spiral CT Scan, etc. Indicates hospirtal’s commitment to update its facilities on a regular manner.
We have very good Doctors who are committed to patient care. We are grateful to our Nurses and Para-medical staff who love their profession so dearly and dedicate their life for the sick and suffering.

These persons attracts patients not only from Odisha but also from neighbouring states of Chathisgarh and Jharkhand.

Hospital is rightly aware of the importance of Housekeeping. So it has hired an agency specialised in the field of housekeeping to keep the hospital spick and span.
Every patient who comes to the hospital is appreciative of the clean and immaculate environment. Regarding the Bio-medical waste management too hospital pays sufficient attention.