photodune-3832683-female-assistant-with-dentist-working-in-the-background-sChirag Hospital, founded by Dr Shyam Lal Kohli established on 6th February 1995, is a landmark in dialysis care and management, placed in Rajendra Park, Sector 105 Gurugram Haryana, Chirag Hospital draws an oasis of people from far and near.
The hospital dialysis center in gurgaon is one of the leading health care providers in Rajendra Park and is frequented by all sectors from various residential societies including the Gurgaon Railway Station, Daulatabad, Dwarka Express way, Sonepat, Jind, Dhankot, Badsa, Panipat and many other areas.

Today, the hospital has dialysis center speciality consultants in all disciplines who work round the clock. Equipped with state of the art modern facilities, married with medicine and medical technology, the precincts are well connected with time.Easily accessible by road and the train, the hospital extends through the best of dialysis Treatment to each & every patient post diagnosis.

With its presence in an area much frequented by people who have faith in dialysis and well caring hands the journey has been a long one. Chirag Hospital dialysis centre in gurgaon today offers World-Class Facilities at competitive rates, is connected through the Internet and Mobile communications.

Other than medical services, Chirag Hospital dialysis center in gurgaon commits itself through interventional technology. At Chirag Hospital dialysis centre in gurgaon we realize that accurate diagnosis is very critical for superior clinical outcomes. With the introduction of key imaging and laboratory services to provide patients with integrated diagnostic facilities under one roof. With a team of highly educated and well experienced consultants along with efficient staff, we provide services strictly adhering to quality standards.

Subjects like Dialysis, Radiology, Pharmacy and other Laboratory Investigations, including Ultrasonolgy plays an important role in the doctors opinion. Prompt treatment, hassle less admission makes a patient feel easy, helps him/ her to recuperate faster, removes fear psychosis and de-stresses the patient.

The dialysis center in gurgaon well organized management practices, Clinical armamentarium, banking facilities and state-of-the-art automated equipments ensure that our patients receive quick and accurate results. ’

Its Unit comprises- the state of the art casualty, two operation theaters, two Intensive Care Units, 1 fully equipped ICCU and IMCU. The ICU of the Hospital is equipped with patient monitors, Ventilators, Defibrillators, 1 fully equipped Dialysis Center and other necessary equipment.

All the departments are equipped to cater greater numbers. Synchronising with one and all, the coordination and the rapport established with the doctor makes it a spontaneous choice.