“Funeral Services”

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Death is a sad occasion and atma, an individual soul, has no beginning and no end and may, after the body dies, pass into another incarnation. So all aspects of a funeral ceremony from the hearse, to the cremation, to the prayer meeting what priest of all religions emphasize the journey ahead of departed soul, we take care of these funeral serves as a celebration on a remembrance.

We are there to plan and help for your personalised funeral for your loved one to keep your family or friend peace of mind. . We plan obituaries, remembrance and floral arrangements, with dignity.


Adya Lifecare a short service also takes place at the crematorium, where a last food offering is symbolically made to the deceased before the body is cremated. The family may or may not witness the cremation. To perform a loved one's last rites, we carefully handle all the requisites to ensure that arranging for a funeral is the last of your worries.

We assist in arranging for a prayer meeting, planning obituaries, taking care of floral arrangements, tents and marquees and other requirements as desired by decease family.

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