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Adya Lifecare offers cutting-edge, coordinated and comprehensive care for patients with digestive and liver diseases. No more have to suffer through digestive problems from heartburn to organ failure. We at Adya liecare Gastroenterology services offers a wide range of medical treatments for liver and digestive diseases embedding conditions like esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and colon.

Types of Gastroenterology:

Here at Adya Lifecare Division of Gastroenterology Services professionals provide personalized patient care with most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology minimally-invasive procedures for disorders of the esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine and colon..Our gastroenterologists are committed to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of these digestive diseases. Possessing expertise in all aspects of digestive health, our multidisciplinary team of specialists offers patients the benefit of an individualized treatment plan.

Using the latest equipment and techniques available our doctors have among the highest volumes in the region in most procedures related to digestive health care and excellent outcomes. They conducts diagnostic tests and examinations to detect potential problems in their early stages, when they are easier to treat and more likely to result in positive outcomes.

Our specialists Report as some of the highest performing in the nation for gastroenterology services, offer depth of experience and proficiency in using conventional, innovative and investigational methods, to manage and diagnose both common complex diseases. Across our network gastroenterology services and surgeries have earned five-star ratings from patients.

Head doctors

  • Dr.Tapas Ranjan Behera

    Dr.Tapas Ranjan Behera

        20 years experience

    MBBS, MD, DM………

  • Dr. Anil Gupta

    Dr. Anil Gupta

        20 years experience


  • Dr. (Major) Santosh Kumar Behera

    Dr. (Major) Santosh Kumar Behera

        20 years experience

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