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Our Mobile dialysis center making dialysis session at your doorsteps. Our Medicare at Home brings quality Home health care services at your doorstep by looking unprecedented repercussions on healthcare service delivery in rural and urban patients.

You will need the following:
1. Hemodialysis machine
2. Reverse Osmosis based water treatment plant
3. Additional electrical wiring and plumbing.

Unfortunately, home hemodialysis has not caught on too much in India and there are only a handful of people doing hemodialysis at home. However, it is definitely possible and offers a lot of benefits over dialysing at a hospital or a center.

One major benefit of dialysing at home is that you can dialyse more frequently with ease. Research shows that hemodialysis, when done more frequently, over longer durations and more gently (at low pump speeds and ultrafiltration rates) is much better for the body overall in terms of both short term and long term outcomes.

It is hardly practical to go to a hospital or center every day of the week for long hours. This is much easier when done at home. So, this kind of ‘optimal dialysis’ is much more doable if you dialyse at home.

It is extremely important however, to get your doctor’s consent before switching to hemodialysis. This modality, though closest to ideal, may not be suited to you. Talk to your nephrologist about this and get his/her consent before you consider switching.

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