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Medicare at Home is designed for people who can’t make it to the doctor very often because they’re homebound. It covers a wide range of Medicare at Home services including your primary care physician visits to your hospital stays. That means your regular doctor (usually a primary care physician, also known as a PCP) must certify that you have difficulty leaving home. Medicare at Home especially helpful for immobile patients who have a difficult time leaving the house several times a week to go therapy or a hospital for treatment.

Medicare at Home include but is not limited to:

Many of these services require you to leave your home to get diagnosed and/or treated, but what if it’s difficult or close to impossible to go anywhere? Or, what if your condition could worsen by leaving your home? This is where in-home care gets involved.

Medicare at Home services are covered by Adya Lifecare to provide a convenient and safe way for elderly people to get treated without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Adya Lifecare Medicare at Home services allows skilled workers and therapists to enter your home and provide the services necessary to help you get better.

Adya Lifecare Medicare at Home plans are developed by a doctor and administered by skilled workers included registered nurses, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and social workers.

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