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Rural have no access or little to health care facilities and information due to natural and manmade emergencies i.e. COVID 19 or limited transport, road issue, and all. Today, regularities of careless or unprecedented events, proves it as huge moment’s emergencies amongst women and children who are seeking affordable quality healthcare.

Considering the issues and being witness, we at Adya Lifecare initiates to provide Mobile Helathcare for treatment and Send Mobile Helathcare unit to have insufficient means to manage information on patients and staff, and to report to government health agencies, which weakens the overall health system.

Types of Dialysis:

To address this problem Adya Lifecare i Mobile Helathcare Services runs Mobile Healthcare Centre means to provide people with low income segments households who are highly vulnerable to disease, debilitating emergencies, and significantly shortened life spans.

Mobile Healthcare Centre is a facility specially designed for door to door visit. Mobile Healthcare vehicle is equipped to handle patient examination, dispensation of medicines, consultation with the specialist and super specialist doctors aim to provide sustainable healthcare solutions to destitute elders and their respective community.

Country like India, have more than 90% elders have to work in order to survive, affording quality medical care is a far dream. Adya Lifecare Mobile Healthcare Units conduct specialized health camps on various diseases and free health check-ups along with educating them on the various preventive measures that can be taken to prevent the onset of any deadly disease. Mobile Healthcare Services has been recognized as Asia’s largest mobile healthcare network for elders.

Head doctors

  • Dr.Tapas Ranjan Behera

    Dr.Tapas Ranjan Behera

        20 years experience

    MBBS, MD, DM………

  • Dr. Anil Gupta

    Dr. Anil Gupta

        20 years experience


  • Dr. (Major) Santosh Kumar Behera

    Dr. (Major) Santosh Kumar Behera

        20 years experience

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