photodune-3832683-female-assistant-with-dentist-working-in-the-background-sBringing about incredible improvement in the lifestyle of patients is Sushila Multispeciality Hospital at Patel Nagar, Delhi. A physiotherapist, the practitioner has been practicing since 2016. The clinic is located at a prominent location in the city at 1st in Patel Nagar. Though situated in a notable neighbourhood, those new to the location can easily spot the clinic as it stands 1st, an eminent landmark in the vicinity. With regards to commuting, the location is accessible by a number of modes of public transportation which make it convenient for patients to be on their way to the physiotherapist's clinic.

Sushila Multispeciality Hospital at Patel Nagar is known to bring about mobility in patients after an injury or ailment that is detrimental to movement of a part of the body or the entire body. The entire process involves examination, prognosis and treatment which results in promoting mobility, flexibility and function of the affected area. The various exercises suggested by the practitioner restore maximum movement. The treatment is provided depending on the cause of inactivity which could be a result of a physical injury, a medical condition, ageing or environmental factors. The doctor specializes in rendering treatment to patients suffering from arthritis, spondylitis, and musculoskeletal disorders. Other than this, the doctor also conducts post operative physiotherapy sessions for patients who have undergone a surgery and have limited or no movement of a part of the body. Other than practicing at the medical centre, the physiotherapist also visits patients at their home for sessions which comes as a relief for patients.